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We are committed to you, your reentry and helping you build and execute a successful and sustainable reentry plan

Program Overview

  • The Pascua Yaqui Tribe is committed to tribal members’ reentry and helping each individual build and execute a successful and sustainable reentry plan.
  • This program helps participants integrate Yaqui culture and traditions into their rehabilitative and reentry process.
  • The program begins during incarceration, first working with participants to formulate their release plan. We remain flexible and fully customizable in our approach, addressing every aspect of the reentry process.
  • After release, participants reach out to our team within the first 48 hours to confirm their desire to execute their reentry plan. At this point we will continue to help participants set and achieve their goals, as well as connecting them with any other services they need. The program will connect participants with counseling, behavioral health, mental health, and addiction services as these things are paramount to building a foundation for a successful and permanent release.  

We are dedicated to working with our participants and helping them prepare for their success.

Our program is focused on supporting you,
a member of our tribal community,
with the most care possible as you
transition back into the world.

This program is customized for your
specific needs and takes into account tribal
spirituality and community aspects —
we are focused on connecting you
to your tribal community.

Your Success Team

T. Aikens
Attorney General’s Office

A. Corona
Federal Correctional Complex Tucson

K. Hyatt
Arizona Department of Corrections

D. Verett
Arizona Department of Corrections,
Parole/Probation Department
Second Chance Director

R. Morales
Federal Buruea of Prisons
Parole Division
Federal Probation Officer,
Native American Focused

S. Lucus, MD
Pascua Yaqui Tribe,
Centered Spirits Program

J. Fabian, LCSW, LISAC
Pascua Yaqui Tribe,
Centered Spirits Program

V. Torres
Pascua Yaqui Tribal
Returning Citizen after
25 years of incarceration

Chaplain Jewell
Pima County Jail,

A. Campoy
Pascua Yaqui Tribal
Member, Council

F. Molina
Pascua Yaqui Tribal
Member, Education Department

G. Madril
Pascua Yaqui Tribe,
Workforce Development

P. Guerrero
Pascua Yaqui
Tribe, Workforce Development

L. Valenzuela
Pascua Yaqui Tribe,
Workforce Development

E. Townsend
Kodi Foundation

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